Patent Pending

A guy I met told me that it’s a good idea to make your project patent-pending. For potential investors, it’s a extra arguement. The best way to make our project pantent-pending is via I think you should really consider it.


3 thoughts on “Patent Pending

  1. I see that you have a page that discusses patent-related resources at I recommend adding to the page. WikiPatents has the largest database of patents open for public comment on the internet, allows PDF downloading of patents, free patent translation into multiple languages, and additional information and resources. It is the best free patent site on the web.

    Have a nice day,


  2. Patent Retriever lets people download patents in PDF for free. Its a simple and easy to use web site and requires no registration beforehand and doesn’t insert logos into the PDF pages.

    I use it all the time, and you should try it out next time you want a patent PDF without paying any money.

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