Insites research

Insites Consulting issued a press release today highlighting some of the results from their annual Belgian Media Mapping research. The agency surveyed over 23 500 surfers from 14 European countries.

Belgium surpassed the European average in internet penetration. About 5 220 000 people are now connected, or 60% of the total Belgian population older than 15. This is a 3% increase in 6 months. Remarkably, wireless internet has grown from 15% to 40% in just over 2 years.

Northern-European countries generally have the highest internet penetration figures, with Sweden, Denmark, Norway and The Netherlands topping the list. Countries with the lowest penetration rate include Portugal and Greece.

E-mail is by far the most popular activity – this goes for all European countries -, next to online banking and routeplanning. The research agency also noted that listening to music and watching videos online is on the rise. Gambling on the internet is not popular at all around these parts: only 4% of Belgian surfers have acknowledged that they had placed an online bet at least once this year (compared to 48% in Germany and 40% in Sweden).

If you’re interested, you can gather more data from Insites’ eScape Reports (free registration required).

Source: Blognation


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