How to use web 2.0 – The network effect.

David E. Gumpert tells us in BusinessWeek that there are three keys to succesfully exploiting web 2.0:
1. Create a community to define the business goals.
2. Don’t give up old marketing techniques.
3. Listen & reply when people tell you something.

I think he’s not quite the expert BusinessWeek want us to believe he is…

It’s not a good idea to let the community define your business goals. Business goals should be set by the business owner. The community has an added value but it’s up to the business owner to use the community for its best purposes. This can be done by a tailored Customer Relationship Management program. After the business owner has set his business goals, he should wisely choose which media to use for his marketing. Traditional marketing is not money trown away but internet marketing has a lot of advantages. The two most important advantages are in its nature: Interaction with the customer (through feedback) & measurable results (ROI)

What was formerly known as word-to-mouth is still important and the viral network effect online makes it go faster than anything else (p.e. Mentos & Iphone in a blender) The network effect has everything to do with connecting & collaborating in your own personalized, both online and offline, ecosystem of interest & communication.

Ecosystem CRM

While communication is all around, using web 2.0 applications can ease your online life but it can also make it harder. You have to choose which means you use. To much of everything makes is just unmanageable.

What we do is what we are

Share your pictures on Flickr. Twitter your life in real time. Participate in social networks like Facebook, Netlog or MySpace. Manage your professional contacts in LinkedIn or Xing. Communities get created through sharing of interests and interaction. The value for members is defined by the tasks a website has to offer.

Spectrum of the community

The value for business is stipulated by the involvement of individuals in their community.

My inspirational source

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