WebNu is not only about technology.

The values of WebNu are values that describe the era we live in. It’s not only the technology. The WebNu values are indispensable and you have to adopt them. Although that’s what I think.

The WebNu values (as described below) are not exhaustive:
Live in & by the community;
It’s all about identity (who am I in what context), co-creation (enrich ideas and concepts through interacting with your communities through your own ecosystem), collaboration (work together, efficient and fast), live the open source (be transparent, fair, open and empower people to add value to your product, platform or application) and sustainability.

It’s important to see how this reflects on the value propositions organizations make. They should engage in finding it more important to have a value proposition for its employees & customers than for their products. I don’t say the product -an sich- isn’t important, I just say it comes second.

Mindshare is more important than market share!

The capacity to consume is brought by the capacity of information. Local knowledge should be noticed, discussed and approved before it can be implemented and have an impact on your organization. People always had, have and will have the aspiration to connect. Take advantage and create a tool to enable them to collaborate openly. See who works and who doesn’t. Turn your organization into a flexible company where your human capital can prove itself and work gets done more effectively.

My inspirational source

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