Whazzup? + Get the glass!

As I work in the advertising industry, I follow quite some blogs about advertising. Regularly, I see something which is so good, I have to send it out to everyone in the office. Some like it, others don’t. So, I’ve decided to post the coolest stuff onto this blog for those interested.

I take my writings on WebNu pretty seriously. I regret the fact that I don’t have time to research my current 4 writings on WebNu. I have to finish up some jobs @ DDB before I’ll take up a new challenge @ Grey. Also, I have to prepare a speech on web 2.0 and how that could be interesting for marketers. And last but not least, I have a wife and dog… They also need some affection from time to time 😉

But enough about me, here’s a game I really enjoyed. It’s one of the best online games ever made; Gettheglass. The experience created here is worth every second of loading time. So hang on & enjoy!

Here you can see how it’s made.


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