[TWID] Starting up TheWriteID

I’ve been really excited about this for months now. And what’s more interesting and new to me, I exponentially like it.

TheWriteID will help all people online that have (too) many profiles and contexts to manage, by giving them a place where they can control their online identity and all its facets, anywhere.

While I was writing for the millionth time what the essence of TheWriteID is, I changed it again. It’s weird how a one sentence pitch is evolving all the time, and very much depends on the mood of the day. Small differences, sometimes I use another perspective. Perhaps that is why it’s so difficult to simply explain what it’s all about. The idea is so little and so simple, but the concept is so big in my head. Not to mention the consequences when done right. The approach to this project is an accumulation of all the things I’ve done before, with a couple of differences. The two most important ones are listed here:

  • It’s not in stealth mode – it is to be found online and I try to talk about it as much as I can. I can’t stop thinking about it and as people in my neighborhood have noticed – I do talk a lot about it, if not, all the time. I guess some people find that annoying but i don’t mind. Once you understand what TheWriteID is all about, and you will be able to use it, you will not stop talking about it for at least a week or two. 🙂
    The other advantage is that some people ask me questions I haven’t anticipated. They are rare and getting more seldom as time moves on but it happens. But it’s great because every time it happens, I need to know why I didn’t have an answer to that specific question yet. It makes me think about an unforeseen angle to the business model we haven’t seen yet. Mostly, I keep to the core of the project. That enables me to return most of the featuritis questions such as “Can it also do…” directly. Saying “no, that’s not a core functionality” has never been easier.
  • It’s also the first time I invest more than just time in a project. I’ve invested my own money to create a website, the movie pitch and most importantly the prototype. It’s great to have an online home for the concept, and it was great to be able to show off a working prototype (I said ‘was’ because it worked fine until Facebook decided to change their API, again…).

Until now, I always worked as entrepreneur in residence, thus not risking any of my own money. Investing my own money makes it real. And I’m damn proud about it. I’m finally going for it. I’m finally doing it.

And you can support it; sign the petition, spread the word and support us by donating via our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.



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