[TWID] Do you let your identity linger?

You just have to check it. Really. It shows why it is so important that TheWriteID succeeds. Just use MyPermissions. I’ve seen the tool some time ago but i didn’t have two minutes back then. Right now, I’ve made some time for it. MyPermissions show you what applications and services have access to your identity. Some have write access too. These applications use your identity for more than just identification and authentication, they do (content) transactions on your behalve and get (too much?) insights in your social graph.

I didn’t think I use Facebook that often. Mostly I reject any invitation I get from friends and relatives but apparently, 103 (!) products, services and networks have access to my identity via Facebook. And what’s more disturbing is what they can do in MY name…

I checked what applications were connected via Twitter and have read/write access: 83. Furthermore…

  • Via Google; 10 services
  • Via Yahoo: 5 services
  • Via LinkedIn: 5 applications & 19 external websites
  • Via Dropbox: 1 application
  • Via Instagram: 8 applications
  • Via Flicker: 8 applications (3 with writing permission)

Convenience is not so cool as you might think it is. Who’s in control? You or the networks and services you are connected too?

TheWriteID can put you in control. Support it.


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