Appreciation and things to think about.

It has been one of those days. You certainly have them too. You came back from holidays. You’re happy that the world kept turning and all of a sudden, small things go wrong, they don’t look like small things any more and all of a sudden, you think: What? How did that happen? When? Why? What the … should I do? And why the … do I need to fix this?!

I tweeted the simple question without any context: “What should I do?” and three people returned great answers:

Kevin said:

 He’s right, without saying much more. But fun is what you make of it. Everything can be fun. I worked in a butcher shop once, it was great fun. I co-organized a videoclip film festival once, it was fabulous fun. I co-founded a telco. Oh boy, amazingly exciting times! I worked in tv and advertising, oh boy – did we have fun… And every once in a while, I work in/with startups- Brilliant!
But it was always people who made it fun. I’ve been fortunate by doing things with ambitious, passionate people all my life. They made it fun, not the work as such.

Fabian said:

 “Go” can mean anything. 🙂 It doesn’t make much sense but it’s like going to a future predicting medium. “Go” can be interpreted as ‘go home, sleep on it and continue what you’re doing’. Or ‘go, advance, do things, make it happen and don’t look back’. Or ‘go, quit what you’re doing. Do something else.’ All three interpretations were sensible options at that particular moment in time.

Last answer came from José:

Music to my ears, although I don’t really like the B52s… It is a great quote however because it holds great motivation, it shows appreciation. That is what makes work fun, these small rewarding quotes. It got nothing to do with money. But it is so important when you’re working and have a hard time.

I can continue doing things right but shouldn’t it be all about doing the right things, even though they are wrong in the perception of others? This dealing with insecurity and doubts happens on a daily basis. I think it’s human. If you’re not familiar with it, than I suppose you’re not a real person. This morning I got the best reminder in a friction’ newsletter.

Hugh’s right again. And I try to live up to this. Because it’s all about touching people is the most meaningful way by doing the right things right and being passionate about it. I will continue to do so and hope you’ll do the same. Never loose your drive.

Martin Heylen said in “God en klein pierke” yesterday: “Dreams weigh lighter when you’re young, heavier when you’re coming to age.” But keep on following those dreams. Fight for them. Make them happen.


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