Not another ex-smoker.

I’ve lighted up my last sigarette in 2011. To be more precise, on December 31 9.33pm. I’m glad I did so. But I also miss it. That me-time, those little reflection moments in which i decided on what to do next or when juggling options. Just being outside for 7-8 minutes. Those speedy breaks helped me to keep focus. I don’t do them any longer. Those breaks I can still use, but the sigarette became superfluous.

Tigra shagMost of the people I know see me as a smoker. They know me as a ‘roller’, with little leaflets and Tigra Tobacco. Some are surprised when I tell them I’ve stopped, some think it’s normal. But no-one really cares. It’s something I do for myself too. Otherwise it wouldn’t work. Nobody notices it spontaneously, only smokers who are looking for a smoke buddy and see I’m not lighting up anything. Perhaps I need to bleach my teeth…

I believe it’s normal not to smoke. It’s dead simple. Smokers aren’t healthy and yes smoking kills. It can ruin your life and influence the ones of those you love. I’m convinced that I’ve made the right choice with stopping. But i’m not an ex-smoker. I love smoking. And I will enjoy smoking occasionally. I love the ritual. But for now, I needed – and still- need to know I can stop smoking. It seems like it though. That’s why I can now tell you how I did it.

Certainly not by reading that stupid book, or with nicotine stickers. They can help some people for sure but for me, it all comes down to personal will. It took me months of mental preparation and one simple trick:

Don’t smoke the first sigarette.

I postponed the lighting up of each first sigarette with half an hour per day. After that I smoked just as much as I liked. I never broke my rule until after lunch. That was the hardest. But from than on, it was a walk in the park.

December 31th, 2011 I sinned big time but from than on, I stopped smoking. But I’m not an ex-smoker.


One thought on “Not another ex-smoker.

  1. Wow, you described perfectly how I feel.
    I stopped january 20th, 2012. I still love to smoke, but I don’t. For myself, my wife and my kids.
    I was scared to stop. “What about those moments you -really- need that smoke?”.
    Well, I already had a few of those moments, and I didn’t needed that smoke anymore.
    It’s all a thing of the mind 🙂
    And perhaps those pills the doctor gave me 🙂

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