FOSDEM inspired me.

I attended FOSDEM, the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.

Frank invited me. He was convinced that I needed to know the people I was going to deal with for TheWriteID first hires. I went there with an open mind and only 1 talk I wanted to see. Once arrived, I ran around the campus of ULB to see all the rooms and exhibition stands. Really cool to see stuff i understand nots about. 🙂

But I was there to see Michiel de Jong his talk about Unhosted. Since my Startupbus experience, I follow them closely because I had lunch with Jan-Christoph Borchardt, one of the guys behind this initiative and I love what they do. And I’m sure we’ll use parts of what they invented in TheWriteID

Michiels talk inspired me and made my vision for TheWriteID much more tangible: What if we could create a true internet of connected people in which not contexts rule your identity but you rule the contexts you want to use through your personal identity. I believe the internet was conceived as such but somewhere along the way, it got lost.

If you think about it, it would be awesome if we could remove the need for a browser as middle ware for access to services or content. What if you could access whatever you want directly through your identity? Compare it with an Identity Operating System for the internet. You say it’s you after which you can use whatever service you want or access the content you need.
At this moment, we can’t seem to break out of browser windows thinking… In each browser window, we need identity and/or authenticate ourselves. Kinda stupid, innit? Or is the idea too far fetched? I don’t believe it is…

Anyway, TheWriteID could be at the heart of it. It would revolutionize the internet and the way we use it. But only when you are completely in control and when you trust it enough.

I believe it’s so much more inspiring to see these geeks and nerds talking about solutions to (unexisting) problems than to hear another marketing bozo speak about the next-gen hybrid 3.0 buzzword filled bullshit thingy that will rock our world. Honestly – these guys are so much more honest and dedicated to what they do. You got to love them. As I do.

Honey, next year I plan to go and enjoy the full two-day program!

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