TheWriteID wasn’t right for me.

I have to admit it. Although I still believe the TheWriteID concept is the best idea I’ve had so far (to stay politically correct; just below proposing to my wife and the decision to have kids). It is one I cannot realize by myself. Some say it’s fine to fail often and that it’s fine to fail fast. But still, it hearted me more than I was hoping.
What stroke me most is that although I was passionate about the idea, hardcore believer and evangelist, and the basic ideas were feasible but hard to realize I could get people enthusiastic for just a brief moment. I guess these were the momenta I’ve spent with them. I realize now – all these people have other priorities, other obligations, other worries than to change the world.

But okay, I have to thank them because they are worth it. A shit load of people who gave me advice, made and broke stuff or at least tried to get things moving. I could make a list but it’s a long list and I would want to forget anyone. I know who did. And that what matters.

So, thank you, guys.

For those who didn’t know about TheWriteID, here below you find the scope in brief and how Frank & I thought we found all elements independently existing from each other.

TheWriteID is a work in progress, both as a technical solution and as a commercial offer. It aims to be the identity layer on top of the internet with the sole and only goal to regain control over one’s online and digital identity by extracting it from current networks & services. The best part of TheWriteID is that the data is encrypted locally so we can’t read out the identity data itself, unless a user decides to share it. We aim to make true identity manageable and re-usable for other networks and services, by introducing variable personas.

In essence, we wonder how we can evolve from an internet of connected devices to a truly internet of connected people? TheWriteID aims to get us from the era of connected contexts to one where users are free to handle their identity and all its slight variations with who they want/like/decide.

Digital identity, as it could have been: 😉

If you feel like doing something with it – go ahead!
Keep me posted. I’ll be your first ambassador.


4 thoughts on “TheWriteID wasn’t right for me.

  1. I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out Tim – maybe you can just give the idea away to a google or Facebook? If nothing else, even if you have a share of the pie, you’ll have the satisfaction and kudos of having the founder of the idea. Hope all is well with you and your family. Cheers, Gavin

  2. Hello Tim, sorry to hear that, I remember our call about TheWriteID that we had a while ago. Let me tell you one thing. This is not a failure. You have made very important contributions, and your ideas will live on in other people and projects.

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