, hard-to-find ingredients for chefs only. #oipd

I’m one of those lucky people who know some chefs personally. Last night I went to Baar, a new place for drinks and food with a good friend of mine. I had some pretty rare Gin Tonics and some delicious plates of food, served at the bar (This was only because he was a friend of the house… Don’t ask for it! They try to avoid it.)

Baar Ghent

What strikes me everytime is not only the chef’s love for food and drinks but how passionately they look for perfectly fresh, hard to find ingredients.

Foodprov is service that looks for, buys and sells special food-ingredients so chefs can create new dishes with the most exclusive ingredients around. It is a closed community site where chefs can register and get special ingredient offers based of what can be found. The site makes sure that the ingredients are to be distributed so that not all chefs in the same neighbourhood have their hands on the same ingredients. This can range from local, seasonal specialities to real living that has travelled have the world or grown ripe fresh fruit that flew in straight from the plants.

Why -prov? Provisioning, providing a pro service to pro chefs.


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