Mibike.com – A stolen bicycle service. #oipd

Stolen bike alert service

The idea of today is a service where you can add a picture of your bike, describe the obvious, secret and hidden characteristics and go out biking without any problems.

Whenever your bike is stolen, you press a panic button. It registers where you are and you send a lost and found message to fellow members in the neighborhood who look out for your bike, together with you. When someone spots your bike or gives the tip that lead to retrieving your bike back, they get a reward.

It’s a freemium business model where it cost nothing to register your bike (potential marketing: make pictures of bikes yourself and add a card with unique code so people can just register more easily), but the use of the panic button cost you 5 euro. You can also take an insurance for your bike. For 5 euro a month, you are delivered a second hand bike in perfect shape when your bike has been stolen.

Should work in The Netherlands and cities with a bike-crazy population (student towns).


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