The last-minute restaurant hunter hotline. #oipd

Yesterday evening, we were invited for dinner by Jane MacDougall and her husband Philip. We arrived a little early and when I checked in on Foursquare, I was blown away by the negative recommendations the place had. I started doubting whether we should stay. But than foursquare didn’t give me real alternatives to the place of where we were. And the couple arrived too so we decided to make the best out of it.

I tried to contact a contact of mine living in Paris who I saw checked in the place before. But before receiving his answer, the wine cellar convinced me to stay a little longer. And in the end the warm and cozy outdoor dining evening was more than pleasant, the wine was great, the food was above paris brasserie level so I’m glad we stayed there after all.

But the one idea per day I had was: A restaurant hotline. Sometimes you’re in front of a closed restaurant, sometimes you are somewhere where you don’t know any place and sometimes ¬†you have a last-minute urge to go out dining.

I would have be tempted to call a hotline where they would take my demand for find a place more to my needs and surprise me with a reservation as soon as possible.



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