“The value of ideas is mostly overrated by those who never executed one.” #oipd #overview

“The value of ideas is mostly overrated by those who never executed one.”

Feel free to take any idea and build a business out of it. An idea never exist solely in ones head, nor is it unique. Everything is a remix of Zeitgeist.

  1. Is it fruitorvegetable.com? 
  2. Branded boxes for e-commerce
  3. Airbnb for freelancers and business people locations
  4. Glow in the dark pain for objects in traffic
  5. Foodprov.com, hard-to-find ingredients for chefs
  6. The call you later app
  7. The who sits next to me discovery app
  8. StartupTravelers community
  9. Mibike.com, a stolen bike service app and community
  10. 3D printing templates community
  11. Energy captive roof design
  12. ‘Smart phone, dumb battery’ profile mode
  13. iRadio, the portable and interactive (setupbox) radio
  14. NoWayGoSay.com: The anonymous status update solution
  15. Maintenance & Repair Service for mechanical goods
  16. Genitalia: a genitals art project
  17. GPS bracelets, app and games
  18. City Guards Valet Parking service
  19. Last-minute restaurant reservation hunter hotline
  20. Work/Life theory on education, work, life and retirement
  21. NewTarmac, replace asphalt with a new material
  22. Easy Driver Comfort Service Key (app)
  23. A collection of literally translated and abused languages
  24. Jam Roulette for musicians community
  25. Pandemic Music Runner app and consultancy
  26. Skyscraper farm floors: cityfarms
  27. Innovation on a crown jewel of FMCG: the bag of crisps
  28. Domain name and username reservation service
  29. Parking made social: Rent out your own(ed) parking spots
  30. Buy and save OR donate payment gateway for e-commerce

I hope you enjoy the ideas! Let me know if you’re taking up something or have found people or startups who are already doing something similar in the comments.


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