Choose-a-side chess.

chess pieces

I am fascinated by chess. It’s simple but brilliant. I only play it rarely. Once every few years to be more precise. But I love the board, the pieces, and i do love design variations of the chess board. The idea of today could be brought back to school when I tried it for the first time, or to my granddad who played against me when I was ill and stayed at his home, or that time in Lille where they played chess in some kind of open air hall between old books, comics and posters. We were at a coffee bar and we though it would be nice to just have a board where you could only do 1 move per coffee. But once you choose a side, you are that color. Basically, you sign up to a color and move a piece. Via you can now follow and discuss the history of the game, but also discuss the next move that would make it win the game. But than again, only people who come in the bar, drink coffee can make a physical move on the board.


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