Social Business Design

Social entrepreneurship is the process of pursuing innovative solutions to social problems. More specifically, social entrepreneurs adopt a mission to create and sustain social value. They pursue opportunities to serve this mission, while continuously adapting and learning. They draw upon appropriate thinking in both the business and nonprofit worlds and operate in all kinds of organizations: large and small; new and old; religious and secular; nonprofit, for-profit, and hybrid.

Business entrepreneurs typically measure performance in profit and return, but social entrepreneurs also take into account a positive return to society. Social entrepreneurship typically furthers broad social, cultural, and environmental goals and is commonly associated with the voluntary and not-for-profit sectors. Profit can at times also be a consideration for certain companies or other enterprises.

— Wikipedia on social entrepreneurship.

I help companies to transform their business into a social business. Social Business Design is a way to do business that achieves sustainable value by establishing a corporate culture of respect, responsibilities & continuous learning (by delivery). These three key values are prerequisites for social business design.

The idea to strive for open collaboration by taken in all the environmental circumstances, the market place in which the business operates, the people we work with, the clients and partners it has. By setting meaningful goals (learning by delivery), designing a processes/systems, taken into account the whole lifecycle around your own products and services, every touchpoint is held under a loop so we can define a roadmap to better quality products and services, a healthier environment to work and live in.

How? It’s doing sustainable business outside the obvious. I aim to inspire.

Do you have a social business? Can you deal with constructive criticism? Are you open to the possibility that failure is part of the road to success? Are you ready to start communicating in full transparency? Are you putting a dent in the universe? Not only for yourself but for the society? Everything is potentially is a driver for personal, social and business growth. Social Business Design is not only a better way of doing business. It’s more rewarding too.


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