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SweetWalls: get candy out of the wall.

Candy machines

Two friends of mine¬†started a business ‘Zoet‘, an e-commerce venture in candy with a physical shop. It’s their dream as they both adore sweets and have good teeth ūüôā

When I was younger, sweets were offered everywhere in those red candy machines at the exits of supermarkets, in shopping areas and other public places. When I was behaving really well, I could sometimes convince my parents to give me a dime and buy candy or a little, worthless present that they also held.

Today with so many people addicted to sugar, I want to jump right in and establish a chain of walls with high quality sweets pretty much everywhere. I believe that for each fitness a country counts, a sweet tooth wall makes sense. Compare it with croquettes walls in the Netherlands. With some retro branding and the accompanying smell of sweets, this will prove a hit again.


E-commerce window stores.

W-commerce window stores

This idea is a very viable one. The business model is to invest in brick shops in both main shopping streets and upcoming districts and fill them with goods from e-commerce stores. The goal is to create a physical presence for small-knows e-shops, create exchange points to touch, feel and see goods. Online a portal site with these trusted e-shops will be made. It increases the trust in buying online due to the trusted certificate online and physical presence offline.

The money comes from monthly fees these e-shops pay to have a presence on the portal and in these brick and mortar shops. I actually thought about it when I was thinking about the pivoting options for ZOYOKO. But the upfront investment is way too big for me.

Test-drive your future car aim is straightforward. They connect car owners with potential car buyers. Basically it’s a collection of people who own cars and act as brand ambassador for car brands. They are willing voluntarily to share a testdrive with people who is willing to buy the same type of car. When somebody buys a car after arranging a testdrive via the website, both the car buyer and car lender, are giving a gift by the car manufacturer (car brand). The platform gets paid per connection made and gets in case of successful transactions a sales commission.

Simple, cool and handy, this peer-to-peer car test-drive community.

Fruit Fast Food.

Fruit fast food

I don’t eat fruits often. But I would if I could just get it in bitesize pieces, fresh and tasty. My idea today is a Fruit Fast Food chain, located near train stations, shopping areas, … With seasonal fruits and vegetables offered in menu’s or plain simple, the concept is easy to realize. An extra service would be that you can order your fruit and vegetables for home too. You get one menu on the go, you take the rest home. Fruit food is always underrated, until you eat it.

Where I work, i have the choice between a dozen of sandwich bars, real restaurants and shitty fast food. I would not go there daily, but if I could get hinted more often, I would definitely enter and get fresh fruit and vegetables for home.

Social Bargain Hunters.

shopping running

Whenever you look for something, someone else can find it cheaper, definitely. Social Bargain Hunter is a P2P market place where people can add what they want to buy, where they will buy it. Then it gets challenged by the social bargain hunters. It’s not about the right price, it’a about the best price. A social bargain hunter looks for the best (read: cheaper) deals. The difference between the original price and the found price is shared between the publisher of the loot and the hunter who has found the best deal. A percentage is kept by the platform.

This means you can start to make money by shopping. A woman’s wet dream, no? ūüôā


Smartphone Analytics.

smartphone analytics

If you see how addicted people are to their smartphone, it’s time to do something about it. People should be more in control but in reality they are not really. It’s not that the smartphone has to go but as with alcohol, it’s best when used moderately.

The smartphone analytics app not only monitors everything you do and how much spend on your device, it tells you exactly how much time you waste on your phone watching unnecessary reminders, starting to do stuff without actually doing something, etc. With this knowledge, Smartphone Analytics offers a paying management console in which you can amend your ‘time-consuming’ settings more easily so you are waisting less and less time on your phone. It will also alert you when you’re losing unnecessary time on your phone as it happens.


Soup flavours

Royco Minute Soup from a tiny machine with the water temperature just perfect and pads with all kind of soup flavours. The model works. Perfect for the workplace and even for home. I would buy it. And I would try out all soup tastes… Find a travel compagnon dating service.

Travel mates

For some people it’s hard to go on holidays. They don’t like to organise it, they don’t like to look for people to travel with. Some even hate it and decide not to go on holidays anymore¬†because the fear of going alone. is a website where you can find people to travel with.

How does it work?

  • You schedule yourself an interview on the website so you agree to¬†the mediation dating service terms and conditions.
  • You attend your interview wherein you will be asked for your preference travel destination, travel activities, travel compagnon, and get screened a little on personal and financial health…
  • Every month you can attend organised travelspeeddatingsessions via webcam where you can meet potential travel partners.

Once there is a ‘click’, you go on holidays together. Everything regarding the trip will be taken care off within the (premium) budget you have for spending. Except packing your own luggage… ūüôā

Telenet TV remote control app.

Telenet hotspot

I bought myself a A/V receiver of Marantz. It comes with a free but great remote control app on my iphone. I immediately fell in love with it. It’s just awesome. That’s why I was wondering why I don’t have that for my digital TV setupbox. I want it, I need it. I’m now struggling with volume buttons on two remote controls, I cannot access the video-on-demand catalogue, my router is old so I cannot use Telenet hotspots … The more I think about it, the more I found the experience they offer me is just too little. It’s not just about providing a cable, Telenet. It’s about disclosing content the way people consume TV. And that’s not only through cable and a TV set, or via smartphone or tablet in a Yelo app, but in the mix of all those… Making content easier to consume, that’s your mission, Telenet. It’s more than just marketing. So keep on doing so.


Your loyal customer.

TapaasBaar: concept pop-up bar with tapas for foodies. #oipd

Because drinks without food are only halve the fun. Imagine a mobile kitchen, fresh ingredients, exquisite drinks, a creative bartender and chef that pop-up on public places or in buildings (or by invitation) until all is consumed.

pop up restaurant

Probably a concept Koen Betsens would enjoy.

foodie tapas

Ski Vacation: Club Med Valmorel.

Disclaimer: this trip was sponsored by Club Med Belgium.

First of all, thank you TheInsiders for selecting us, and ClubMed for the setup of this wonderful action. I was delighted and pretty happy when I’ve heard that we could go skiing for a couple of days in Valmorel to enjoy the full Club Med experience. I do however feel sorry for my wife who had some pregnancy pains and decided not to come. Pieter was more than willing to join me in this skitrip. And what an experience it has been‚Ķ Continue reading “Ski Vacation: Club Med Valmorel.”