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Hyperpersonalised pills platform.

hyperpersonalised drugs

With extreme personalised diagnostics and the current evolutions in e-health, I thought generic drugs don’t make much sense anymore. Or you get to much of a certain substance, or too little. Or it is combined with something someone is allergic too.

My idea is to create a platform in which doctors can create hyperpersonalised pills for patients based solely on the substances the patient needs. The platform offers statistics on the dosages used for treatments so a benchmark is set and can be compared. By making the data anonymous but not the doktors, responsibility is with a new breed of doktors/scientists who perfect drugs to the patient conditions. For fun’s sake, patients can choose the color of the pills.


The O-chair; an all-in-one office chair.


With office space expensive in a lot of area’s and people working mostly as digital nomads space can be used more optimal.

A comfortable office chair with small tablet as desk, a hydraulic arm with a second (large) screen that can be deployed from the back, plugs for any device and electricity plugs under the seating that get powered by batteries in the wheels that are powered by floor contact or through an additional plug for supercharging reduces desk space with a factor between 3 and 5. Furthermore when equipped with a GPS, it can anticipate constant movement. By including your calendar appointments, you will move automatically to the meeting rooms in time, without being distracted from what you do and thus save productivity time. Over time, more intelligence could be build in so it analyzes everything you and your colleagues work on in real time so clusters of work will group people more logically on the floor. Adding the layer of wellness (massage buttons, media center,…) makes sure you never want to leave it again. Except when you feel the urge to spend a penny… 🙂

Organised and phased traffic streams.


The problem with traffic jams is that we all want to be in the same place at the same time… My idea of today is plain simple. We start with knowing how much cars a bottle neck (in traffic jams) can take and we calculate how many cars are going to arrive at that point. As soon as we know when that limit will be reached, no new cars will be allowed on the motorway so we avoid the traffic jam.

How? We can start simple and put traffic lights with counters at the motorway entrances and anticipate (calculate) the evolution of smooth traffic towards the bottle necks. You could then organise phased traffic releases. I can image people organising small business at the motorway entrances. As one would know when he is going to arrive at the bottle neck due to the waiting time that is displayed there, they will be more at ease. It would be quality time… 🙂 That could be done more elaborate and perfectioned if every car would send their destination to a system that calculates the best time to set of with the best route to arrive on time. Or even makes people make a little detour to make the whole traffic system run more smoothly.

I would also be more relaxed knowing that i will have a smooth ride, knowing my arrival time (and certainly when I get a coffee waiting…)

Pandemic Music Runner. Runkeeper meets Pandora. #oipd

Every couple of years I start running but once I’m up to speed, I need to stop because of painful knees and joints. What I like most was running with music in my ears. I also noticed that some of music made me run faster.

Pandemic Music Runner is a plug-in, add-on for any sports GPS tracker (Nike+, Runkeeper, …) that analysis your performance in relation to the music you’re listening to (such as Pandora, Shazam, …).

Pandemic music runner

I believe that music in training improves more rapidly sport performances. Based on one’s personal music taste and past training analysis, new adapted training programs rolls out of the app. By offering it to the masses – the giant amount of data that gets collected can be analyzed and gives the opportunity to grow it into a professional sport consultancy service.