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Collaborative brands shop.

two brands collaboration

It’s a concept shop. A collaboration between two brands in which products that are created by different brands are being sold. It can be clothing, design, electronics, … Whatever really.


RxC: recycled clothing brand

recycled clothes brand

A brand that sells unique pieces of clothing by recycling fabrics and cloths of used clothes.  It reminds me of Ian Berry, the jean-iu-s who makes paintings from used jeans.

A simple support principle: don’t close tickets.

excited customers

Don’t you hate it when some customer support system automatically closes tickets without them being solved? The personal touch is gone and often people who are not helped, refuse to enter their question for a second time. The perception on customer support, your product and/or service and brand will be bad…

A simple support principle would be that you don’t close tickets yourself but ask your customer to do so. If not, (s)he will be contacted. Creating opportunities to touch base with end customers is not a buzzword. It’s simple principle whereby you create a dialogue and you will get to know numerous ways on how you can improve your product, service and brand perception. The feedback from your customers can be used to drive your business as they will be your first brand ambassadors.

At kañooh, we implemented this principle, next to some other customer touch points. So far, this works great and our clients think so too. Try it for your business.