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Bikers Shock: a custom backpack with shock absorbing characteristics and more. #oipd

The idea is to create hardtop cases, in the same material as motor helmets but with the possibility to put together a custom protective lay-out for your digital and other equipment for within the rucksack. It is to be compared to the shock absorbing materials used right now like the one below (for protecting lenses)

shock absorbing material example

On the website of bikers shock, one can drag and drop his own items, whether it is a macbook 11″ and a sketchbook or an ipad and a pen or a full video camera set, onto the size of his/her rucksack of preference.

bikers shock backpack


“Bikers shock rucksack” could be a business innovation for helmet builders and designers or packaging manufacturers in a B2C market but also in the flight case (B2B) business, I see opportunities for something like this.

custom flight case for a guitar


Domain name and username reservation service. #oipd

Nickname big easyThe idea is a service that makes use of the internet domain business. It sets alerts and reminders on when domain names and nicknames becomes available and makes them yours.

The domain and nickname freeloader service monitors and reserves both domain names and usernames on a variety of social media for a very low monthly fee (for monitoring) and success fees (when the service indeed secured a domain or nickname for you).

You can also sign in to a higher monthly fee. In return, you get advise on what social media are growing fast and where you are not yet present, you get secured your preferred username (+success fee?) so no-one else gets the change to run off with yours.

The freeloader service also sell domain names and offers bartering services for both domain names and usernames. Obviously.

One idea per day. Ten in a row. #oipd

10 one ideas per day in a row
After my streak of 39 ideas on eenideeperdag.be, this is small bread but nevertheless a good start. Perhaps I should get a badge or something…

Feel free to take any idea and build a business out of it. Let me know if you’re taking up something or has found people who are already doing something similar in the comments.

  1. Is it fruitorvegetable.com? 
  2. Branded boxes for e-commerce
  3. Airbnb for freelancers and business people locations
  4. Glow in the dark pain for objects in traffic
  5. Foodprov.com, hard-to-find ingredients for chefs
  6. The call you later app
  7. The who sits next to me discovery app
  8. StartupTravelers community
  9. Mibike.com, a stolen bike service app and community
  10. 3D printing templates community

I hope you enjoyed the ideas!