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Parking made social: Rent out your own(ed) parking spot. #oipd

Whenever you walk through a city or even in small towns, you see these sign on driveways, garage doors and sometimes even on windows: DO NOT PARK HERE! Often they are accompanied by a car license plate that makes it clear there is one exception…

Do not park here

Most of the time, this potential parking spot is unused and takes up a lot of the potentially available parking space. I want to make this space available again with a simple piece of hardware. Everyone can order this piece of connected hardware and secure it on their wall or garage door. This ‘take my parking’ display type of thing displays a code people can interact with through an designated app (or sms). They can retrieve information until when the parking spot is available. where the nearest available parking spot is, etc.

This way people give away or sell parking time to other people.

I found a parking spot

In the marketing of the product and service I would go the social route (that medical practicians, social service workers (police, fire brigade, etc) can use available parking spots for free) and the money-making potential a unused parking spot.


Skyscraper farm floors. #oipd

skyscraper farm floors and food.I read in the newspaper that Philips creates light bulbs that are as good and even better than regular sun light. In that perspective, I believe every city skyscraper should have a farm floor that makes the building self-sustainable in food.

I would go even further. In Hong Kong, you could find a nice club on floor 13, a restaurant on floor 34 and floor 6 even had an indoor soccer field. Per ten floors, at least one floor should have another function than living or working. 

I’m not saying it goes that far that it will solve hunger problem but at least, when people prove to be self-sustainable (give them a fish line, not a fish…), it’s empowers them to be more socially engaged.

City Guards Valet Parking. #oipd

I just arrived in Paris. It’s not only here that it’s impossible to park your car. So I invented the City Guards Valet Parking service.

City Guards Valet Parking Service

It’s a service you can call, txt or message to find a parking spot in the neighborhood you want. They search for a parking spot, park a car and guard the parking spot until the moment you arrive. Not only can you ask to get a spot in a specific part of town. The service also guards some parking spots near the hottest spots in town.

Valet Service City GuardsAnother part of the service is real valet parking. You just use the service to have someone ready on a specific location. They take your car, guard it and bring it back when you are good to go.