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Freestyle Experience Travelling: Where you are going…

Freestyle Experience Travelling

The goal is simple. You have none. You just reserve a decent amount of time and off you go. You stick your thumb up and start hitchhiking. Whenever someone stops and ask you the famous question: “Where to?”, your answer is as simple as: “Where you are going, if you don’t mind.”

If they don’t mind, you jump right in and start explaining the concept. You are freestyle experience travelling and you need to stay with the same person for 8, 24 or 48 hours. Within the hour, you need to agree on the timespan you’ll be together. All the consequences of being with a person, shadowing him/her and to experience what this (wo)man experiences are is what’s freestyle experience travelling is all about. You’ll laugh, perhaps you’ll cry, you’ll learn, you’ll have a great time. Once the agreed timeframe has passed, you need to say goodbye and, wherever you may be, continue your travel.

The hitchhiker

This idea is based on my ‘Looking for Margot’ (I don’t know) experience & Valentijn‘s We Work We Play principles. It could be something for Dave Gorman to do. It could be for any adventurous traveler interested in human sciences. Let ne know if you try this out! 🙂