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‘A life long’-documentary series about disabled people.

disabled sign

The concept of the documentary series ‘A life long’ is to follow all kind of people in all age ranges that have the same disability. The documentary follows them in how they handle key turning points in life. The goals is to give an insight in how well people adapt to their disability. ‘A life long’ can be shot around topics such as; blind people, deaf people, amputated people, ADHD people, La Tourette people, …

Maps of ‘friendly’ places.


Although most people love kids and small children, a lot of commercial places are not really suited to receive them. When we were on the road in France, we wanted to stop somewhere where we could eat, relax a bit with the children playing nearby. This idea needs a good name and a website. The website shows a google map with pinpoints of child friendly places with brief descriptions of what you can expect. Also places that are not child friendly at all are added.
Apparently, it exist small scale already 🙂

The same theme could be applied to the theme of disabled people, pets, gays, …