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Afterevents; a documentary series about the impact of events.


Inspired by the recent Olympics in Sochi and its consequences I thought of Afterevents, a documentary series about the true impact of events.

Every event has a lot of organising in itself. In this documentary series, it follows a whole region and its people in the months towards and after the actual event. I can’t get the idea out of my head that most effort is done upfront while only little attention is spent on the post era of an event. In this documentary series, a discours is being told about the region and its inhabitants (locals) where the event takes place. Ranging from political gatherings and protest marches, over music and sex festivals to large scale sportsevents, this documentary series tells their story and how they deal with the consequences of the event. Local political, economic and social story lines cross each other. The stress and expectations to make the event run smoothly versus the harsh reality of what happens after the event. Is it a hangover or a new dynamic for the region and its people? What with the organisers and temporary infrastructure? And so much more.

‘A life long’-documentary series about disabled people.

disabled sign

The concept of the documentary series ‘A life long’ is to follow all kind of people in all age ranges that have the same disability. The documentary follows them in how they handle key turning points in life. The goals is to give an insight in how well people adapt to their disability. ‘A life long’ can be shot around topics such as; blind people, deaf people, amputated people, ADHD people, La Tourette people, …

How legends are created.

League of Legends

A documentary series in which the documentary maker tells how legends are created. He reveals the real story of how communication, publications, facts,… are all brought together and how storytelling creates legends. Since media exists, legends are created. Whether these are historical sites that get too much honour in comparison with others, communication and the way it enforces itself is a weird phenomenon. Every analysed legend gives some powerful insights that can be reused for marketing purposes. Also the discrepancy between what people believe that happened and what really happened is possible a way to visualise the documentary storytelling… A legend in the making…

Possible topics:

  • Mozart
  • Ché
  • Stonehenge
  • Yeti
  • Lam Gods

“Life is like a tale, told by an idiot.”

There is a great program on Eén, the Flemish public broadcasting channel. It’s called ‘God en klein pierke’ (translated it means god and the little worm) in which Martin Heylen, one of the best and experienced Belgian documentary filmmakers and our local Louis Theroux, gets to follow a famous Belgian. Yesterday’s broadcast was about Arno. He is one of the Gods, musically in the whole French speaking part of the world. They followed him during the last weeks of his two year ‘Brusseld’ tour in Ostend, a gig in Leffinge Leuren and some more gigs in Canada. In my family, we admire him for his musical passion and rock ‘n roll lifestyle. Just two years ago, I gave everyone in the family tickets to go and see Arno in his town of birth, Ostend. It was a great concert!

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