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Givemeyourmoneyandhoney.com: feel good messages & donations. #oipd

donate hope love through messages

Just because it’s a silly idea doesn’t mean it’s a bad one… for me. It could be the next one million pixels project!

On givemeyourmoney.com, you can donate your money (to me or your charity of choice) while spreading a message of hope, love, empathy, … and sharing it with the world.


Buy and save or donate payment gateway. #oipd

Yesterday, I was so busy I did’t make time to add an idea. That’s why this one should be a good one, a kind one. So here it is.

For any responsible online business that handles e-payments, it would be an act of humanity just to give them customers a choice between a saving or a donation. The payment gateway solution offers it immediately. The dealer should only take into account that a percentage or fix amount of his goods will be reserved to please its customers.

Get a saving or donate for e-commerce plugin

It addresses to both the left and right brainers, as you get yourself a discount or you can help someone or organization. The perception of the brand that uses the buy and save or donate gateway will automatically improve. (No scientific research says this. It’s my guts only saying this)