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Human Body Dryer.

human body dryer

You know that feeling when you’re leaving the swimming pool and go for the dressing room? The moment you finally have your towel and start to dry yourself. It’s not nice. You’re a bit cold, feel clam, and whenever you have children… Well, that moment lasts even longer. All of these make the swim-experience not my favorite sport (but also I’m not good a swimmer).

It would be much better experience if these moments could be anticipated with Human Body Dryers. It’s a tunnel that air-dries  your body completely on a gentle temperature. Ideally, it’s placed between the showers towards the dressing rooms. It could gain cleaning time and definitely you can diminish the amount of changing rooms.

For swim-customers, the time gained for customers is a plus and the drying experience is something like one can enjoy a jacuzzi in certain swimming temples but for free.