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Amytime.com delivers it anytime you want.

Everything you want, right now.

You want it and you want it now? With large e-shops offering pretty everything, the sales channels are open 24/7. Only the logistics lag a bit. What if… you could order instant delivery with anything you buy? The ultimate goal is to get a delivery at home within the shortest possible timespan. Amazon’s drone idea is not so bad. The business model could work with different monetising formulas; instant delivery, nightly deliveries, exact delivery, …  It could even be implemented with rates that behave like share prices on the stock exchange.


Fatass flying drone-o-copter (for people). #oipd

I was looking at someone who was playing with his drone-o-copter and I thought that it could be not so difficult to build a model which involves lots of drone-o-copters so it could carry a man.

The thing would be delivered as a DIY pack. On the website, where you can buy the thing, you can also get and buy some additional insurance (advice).