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Enhancing the Oculus Rift experience.

Enhancing the Oculus Rift experience

The Oculus company recently got acquired by Facebook, after it was one of the first giant Kickstarter crowdfunding successes. It a genius piece of hardware which opens the world to a whole new reality as a platform. But its main product, the Oculus Rift, is just to trick your eyes. What it lacks is an environment experience for the body. Therefor I hereby invent the Oculus moving mat, a round rubber mat in the form of a disk that works like a tank track but in a 360 degrees kinda way. This moving floor area anticipates your movement in space to enable you to physically participate in a dreamworld, sports game or action drama. At first, it comes with a suit filled with sensors that calculates your distance from the walls so the moving mat knows where you’re heading (or where you should be heading) at what speed, but over time you can equip your dedicated room with camera’s so the suit becomes obsolete.

I can imagine people reserving part of their homes for their escaping ventures in Oculus realities.


NoWayGoSay.com: The anonymous bitching status update solution. #oipd

Unleash fury anonymously

Sometimes you just know that it’s not a good idea to update your social media status with what you really think. Whether it is because your boss or colleague is following you, or you don’t want to hurt the feelings of a particular loved one, like your mom or girlfriend. Or perhaps you want to say to someone that you love him/her but you were too afraid to tell. It works both ways.

NoWayGoSay helps you in ventilating your thoughts and find supporters (commenters) for it.

Hit the jackpot, tiger!How does it work? 
You send a private message to NoWayGoSay that anonymously publishes it into a stream on the website. No-one will know you send that status. People can directly interact with your NoWayGoSay status. And everyone is able to follow a particular NoWayGoSay status to be kept up-to-date with all interactions.
The interactions are aggregated and pushed in real time to all media channels connected. (at first, the NoWayGoSay website and app with Facebook & Twitter integration)

No real business model here yet.
Or perhaps blackmailing the users who use the platform when critical mass is reached. *evil grin* (just kidding…)