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Hamburger Nets

Impossible Hamburger to eat

It’s pretty impossible to eat a decent hamburger in America without spilling food, … Eatable hamburger nets solve that problem. We do it already with other food.


Trusted animal farms and fokkers portal.

Our chickens on my instagram account

We’re bought three chickens but it was damn hard to find a good place to get them. I also remember researching a lot when we were considering a dog. There is no general portal available where you can find trusted animal farms and fokkers. It would be nice to have a single point of information where you can see who breeds animals and what the experience is with the animals they provide. This combined with an extensive database on the differences between breeds and tools to find the perfect animal match.

A certificate can be gained for the animal farmers when they have receive positive feedback from their clients. The revenue in this business model mostly comes from advertising but an e-shop with animal food and toys compliments the concept.

Future of Food gastronomy trips: Meet the topchefs of the future.

Restaurant JEF

“Nowhere in the world do they have more Michelin stars per square kilometer than in Belgium.”

A service site that has reserved tables in upcoming restaurants with top chefs (to be) and facilitates organised travel trips for super gastronomy experiences. Foreigners & foodies will be astonished by the power of food and drinks that upcoming chefs with their unbridled creativity and cooking techniques serve. This can be ordered by our e-commerce service site; It provides you with a detailled program, hospitality, transport, hotels, restaurant reservations,… We will also make sure you have a lot of suggestions for small walks, exhibitions visits, shopping, … for the time you’re not eating 😉

So you can leave your credit card at home. All is paid upfront so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just enjoy the best food with the best chefs-to-be in the restaurants that form the future of the eating experience.

Just a grab out my new favourite restaurants for the future:

Restø å gøgø; the travelling chef. #oipd

world foodA (tv) show about a chef that travels the world to less developed places in Africa, Asia, America to do some food education. Everywhere he goes, he asks for ingredients (he has a suitcase with tools and spices) and delivers a culinair experience (meals) in return while giving some advice on how to make most of the ingredients.

The last-minute restaurant hunter hotline. #oipd

Yesterday evening, we were invited for dinner by Jane MacDougall and her husband Philip. We arrived a little early and when I checked in on Foursquare, I was blown away by the negative recommendations the place had. I started doubting whether we should stay. But than foursquare didn’t give me real alternatives to the place of where we were. And the couple arrived too so we decided to make the best out of it.

I tried to contact a contact of mine living in Paris who I saw checked in the place before. But before receiving his answer, the wine cellar convinced me to stay a little longer. And in the end the warm and cozy outdoor dining evening was more than pleasant, the wine was great, the food was above paris brasserie level so I’m glad we stayed there after all.

But the one idea per day I had was: A restaurant hotline. Sometimes you’re in front of a closed restaurant, sometimes you are somewhere where you don’t know any place and sometimes  you have a last-minute urge to go out dining.

I would have be tempted to call a hotline where they would take my demand for find a place more to my needs and surprise me with a reservation as soon as possible.


Foodprov.com, hard-to-find ingredients for chefs only. #oipd

I’m one of those lucky people who know some chefs personally. Last night I went to Baar, a new place for drinks and food with a good friend of mine. I had some pretty rare Gin Tonics and some delicious plates of food, served at the bar (This was only because he was a friend of the house… Don’t ask for it! They try to avoid it.)

Baar Ghent

What strikes me everytime is not only the chef’s love for food and drinks but how passionately they look for perfectly fresh, hard to find ingredients.

Foodprov is service that looks for, buys and sells special food-ingredients so chefs can create new dishes with the most exclusive ingredients around. It is a closed community site where chefs can register and get special ingredient offers based of what can be found. The site makes sure that the ingredients are to be distributed so that not all chefs in the same neighbourhood have their hands on the same ingredients. This can range from local, seasonal specialities to real living that has travelled have the world or grown ripe fresh fruit that flew in straight from the plants.

Why -prov? Provisioning, providing a pro service to pro chefs.