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Elevator motion detector

I saw this movie recently and i found it very amusing. But what I don’t understand is that elevators mostly are in separate hallways and still we need to push a button before it comes to our floor. Just put some detection sensor so it anticipates any person’sĀ presenceĀ in front of an elevator with actually ordering one to come down or up and pick me up.


Languabuse.com – Literally translated or abused languages. #oipd

Destiny DunglishJust because they prove to be too funny. Whenever I hear someone explaining in poor English – with a lot of hair on – or hear someone that knows three words in French that says ‘Nous sommes chemin.’, I find that funny. I would love to follow a tumblr that gathers them for me. Not only for Dunglish, but for all languages I know and/or (not) master, such as: Jenglish (Japanese English), Frenglish, etc.