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Genitalia: a genitals art project. #oipd

First of all, I want to apologies to the nun who was sitting next to me on my train and had a view on my screen. I didn’t mean to harass you in any way possible while doing some research (not visually!)…
Penii is not the plural of penis. Penises is. Yup, I learned a lot today.

So the idea? Genetalia, the ‘potentially’ big genitals art project is a small art project in which the website becomes an artist and not only crowdsources pictures of genitals but creates prêt-à-porter art with it.

How does it work?
People can upload images of their penis, breasts (per two), vagina’s to the website. They can use the randomizer that takes all uploaded images, or a selection (due to its overwhelming success:), to create a mosaic image with it that can be ordered as decorative wall art, postcards, coffee mocks or plain wall paper.

Nobody needs to know they’re looking at your dick or breast(s)…
Or perhaps they just should. 🙂

And before you comment on the idea 😉