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Glow-in-the-dark paint in traffic. #oipd

Finding a parking spot on a city evening is a daring task. Most of the cars are parked incorrectly. Sometimes you are annoyed by the fact that if those two cars would have been parked correctly, you would have found your parking spot.
The easy way to force this is to have floor paint clearly indicating the boundaries of parking spots. Every car than has optimum space to park and no-one is annoyed by the fact that one car is parked a bit more to the front than the other. The boundaries makes us feel less annoyed. But regular floor paint is not really visible in the dark. So I thought of glow in the dark floor paint for parking spots, the roads and traffic light signals, etc.

glow in the dark traffic paint

Why isn’t a car, by default, equiped with glow-in-the-dark paint? There are so many cars who have front and backlightning that works only halve which makes them really difficult to spot and to anticipate on.

VW Golf glow in the dark

And I found out that apparently Volkswagen is experimenting with this already.