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Elevator Music Video Clip.

Dancing in elevator

I was standing in the elevator towards the floor where I worked and I was singing, well humming in it. I thought immediately this would make a great music video. Both for singer-songwriters but also for bands. The scenario would be really straight-forward and simple. Someone walk in and holds still in front of the elevator. (S)He presses the button for the lift to arrive. (S)He looks around and sees something mixed with shots of the elevator shaft and what (s)he sees. The elevator arrives and (s)he steps in. There is no-one else in it. (S)He presses the top floor and starts wiggling, humming, singing, moving, dancing. It’s a long way and the only way is up. (S)He reaches the top floor, door opens, and the last repeat of the refrain or lyrics are sung well going outside, admiring a view on solitude, a city, a deserted place while walking the outro of the song.

For a traditional popsong, a ballad, an intimate hip hop or any other song this could work.


Choose-a-side chess.

chess pieces

I am fascinated by chess. It’s simple but brilliant. I only play it rarely. Once every few years to be more precise. But I love the board, the pieces, and i do love design variations of the chess board. The idea of today could be brought back to school when I tried it for the first time, or to my granddad who played against me when I was ill and stayed at his home, or that time in Lille where they played chess in some kind of open air hall between old books, comics and posters. We were at a coffee bar and we though it would be nice to just have a board where you could only do 1 move per coffee. But once you choose a side, you are that color. Basically, you sign up to a color and move a piece. Via chooseasidechess.com you can now follow and discuss the history of the game, but also discuss the next move that would make it win the game. But than again, only people who come in the bar, drink coffee can make a physical move on the board.

FriendsHouseSwap App. #oipd

How well do you know someone? How well do you know your friends? Do you even want to know them even more? Install this app, find a common period and swap houses for a while. It should be a creativity booster and eye-opener as location and surroundings pretty much define your mood. Included is at least one meeting with non-mutual friends.

I don’t know whether a checklist at the end of the period with tips and tricks to improve quality of life and a quiz to see if you got to know your friends even more is needed. It’s all in the experience, i presume.


Event Countdown Checklist Apps. #oipd

countdown to a particular event

The Event Countdown Apps publishes a series of event countdown apps with useful event checklist apps for events. Ranging from wedding planning to what to take with you for your travels, or the daily routine habits, it gives you all the information you need spread towards, and based on, the calculated event date. This combined with shared wiki-ish to do lists, and all integrated with one another, make this series unbeatable in the household league.

“The value of ideas is mostly overrated by those who never executed one.” #oipd #overview

“The value of ideas is mostly overrated by those who never executed one.”

Feel free to take any idea and build a business out of it. An idea never exist solely in ones head, nor is it unique. Everything is a remix of Zeitgeist.

  1. Is it fruitorvegetable.com? 
  2. Branded boxes for e-commerce
  3. Airbnb for freelancers and business people locations
  4. Glow in the dark pain for objects in traffic
  5. Foodprov.com, hard-to-find ingredients for chefs
  6. The call you later app
  7. The who sits next to me discovery app
  8. StartupTravelers community
  9. Mibike.com, a stolen bike service app and community
  10. 3D printing templates community
  11. Energy captive roof design
  12. ‘Smart phone, dumb battery’ profile mode
  13. iRadio, the portable and interactive (setupbox) radio
  14. NoWayGoSay.com: The anonymous status update solution
  15. Maintenance & Repair Service for mechanical goods
  16. Genitalia: a genitals art project
  17. GPS bracelets, app and games
  18. City Guards Valet Parking service
  19. Last-minute restaurant reservation hunter hotline
  20. Work/Life theory on education, work, life and retirement
  21. NewTarmac, replace asphalt with a new material
  22. Easy Driver Comfort Service Key (app)
  23. A collection of literally translated and abused languages
  24. Jam Roulette for musicians community
  25. Pandemic Music Runner app and consultancy
  26. Skyscraper farm floors: cityfarms
  27. Innovation on a crown jewel of FMCG: the bag of crisps
  28. Domain name and username reservation service
  29. Parking made social: Rent out your own(ed) parking spots
  30. Buy and save OR donate payment gateway for e-commerce

I hope you enjoy the ideas! Let me know if you’re taking up something or have found people or startups who are already doing something similar in the comments.

Easy Driver Comfort Service Key (app). #oipd

Easy Driver Comfort Key AppIt could be an app but it could also be a button on your car keys that is in direct contact with your car. When you use the easy rider comfort service key (app), your car will self-diagnose and start cooling down (when it’s hot) or defrost windows (when it’s freezing cold). It will adjust the perceived temperature of your steering wheel and seats to what you, as a driver, finds pleasant.

The easy rider comfort service makes sure that also the start of your drive is just the way you like it.

3D printing templates e-store. #oipd

Venetian masks

I saw an awesome mask. I always found them fascinating. Not because of the object itself but for the mystery that the person who is wearing it is surrounded with. I also saw a great art object remade in miniature scale by a 3D printer on QI once. Previously, I also had the idea to create a 3d printer for chocolate.

These three examples just give you a tip of what a 3D printer is capable of. What if someone would create a market place in which patterns can be downloaded and roll out a 3D printer directly. Every pattern could be under some kind of Creative Commons license.

The platform itself makes money by selling 3D printers, 3D printing raw materials and a commission on each downloaded pattern (cfr. online image and font libraries). The creator of a pattern gets paid per use.

StartupTravelers.com – Create a startup with strangers while travelling. #oipd

For me, vacation is purely meeting new people, visiting places, good food, more drinks than usual, catching up a bit on sleep. But after two or three days, I get bored. And I get plenty of ideas when travelling. So StartupTravelers is an idea that basically beats Startupbus (in which I participated in the first Europe edition 2011) because it’s more open because of it’s self-regulating community of startuptravelers who will advice and evaluate along the (travel) way. 

StartupTravelers - Entering Startup

The concept of StartupTravellers.com is a website platform where you can meet likeminded people who love to do/realize/work in a startup and combine that with travelling. Who doesn’t get inspired by travelling? Everybody, right?

First, you look for an idea, people or a period in which you want to travel. Secondly, you decide with your fellow startup travelers where to go. The platform offers some nice pré-defined routes (mostly by train) in. These routes have the advantage that you can also combine the working (while getting from point A to B) with meeting people who will evaluate your startup and perhaps offer you a place in startup accelerator program or seed capital. Online other startup travelers can follow your trip, interact and provide your startup with valuable input.

Call-you-later-app #oipd

The app that tells you to call someone when it has been a while. It’s a app that analyzes your call history, contact list and other communication and gives you daily suggestions to call someone. You can directly phone or postpone mailbox wise.

Call you later, my friend.

I personally am really bad at calling people. This app combined with clever services such as archiving contact, organising my social life better, etc. could be a help for a lot of busy people I know.

call you later, my friendAnd my mom would appreciate this idea too 🙂