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Free wifi from tombstone

What happens with your digital self after you die? It’s a very valid question. I have thousands of online services I use(d once) and I have no idea what will happen with those after I die. Therefor an idea that will solve that.

iWILLvault’s goal is to provide a safe haven for your will, all your online identities, services and passwords. In your will, you can state what needs to happen with this after you die. The service needs to be accessed periodically to remain active until the people you assigned your iWILLvault open will receive a message from you in heaven and can read what to do with everything when you’re dead.

An obvious partnership with lastpass or 1password can enlarge the potential of the iWILLvault service. There is a very small fee per month to keep on using the iWILLvault service.


MyByo: your biography page

the one and only

About.me was not always here. I remember ASL.to; a simple webpage service where you stated your Age, Sex and Location. Oh, and you could enrich your nickname with a pic of your dog. Nothing much changed since then… 🙂

MyByo is an attempt to create a semantic bio for yourself. A wikipedia of biographies that put owners in control of their page. It’s linked to your digital ID so you can take control of what you want people to see. It will be encourages by governments and internet services that you maintain this page yourself. When people want to refer to you in a digital context, this will use this preferred link that automatically evolves as you grow older. You will have a public MyByo and a private one. You can edit and enhance your MyByo. By connecting MyByo to other services, you can choose to update it automatically. You can also set reminders every few years to update it when you’re not so active online.

MyByo guarantees you your digital biography is always up-to-date and current. If I add the TheWriteID aspect again you can use it to create variations and personas and even keep them for personal references per era.

Domain name and username reservation service. #oipd

Nickname big easyThe idea is a service that makes use of the internet domain business. It sets alerts and reminders on when domain names and nicknames becomes available and makes them yours.

The domain and nickname freeloader service monitors and reserves both domain names and usernames on a variety of social media for a very low monthly fee (for monitoring) and success fees (when the service indeed secured a domain or nickname for you).

You can also sign in to a higher monthly fee. In return, you get advise on what social media are growing fast and where you are not yet present, you get secured your preferred username (+success fee?) so no-one else gets the change to run off with yours.

The freeloader service also sell domain names and offers bartering services for both domain names and usernames. Obviously.

FOSDEM inspired me.

I attended FOSDEM, the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.

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[TWID] Do you let your identity linger?

You just have to check it. Really. It shows why it is so important that TheWriteID succeeds. Just use MyPermissions. I’ve seen the tool some time ago but i didn’t have two minutes back then. Right now, I’ve made some time for it. MyPermissions show you what applications and services have access to your identity. Some have write access too. These applications use your identity for more than just identification and authentication, they do (content) transactions on your behalve and get (too much?) insights in your social graph.

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Write, Bi-atch, write!

I will let you in a dirty, little secret of mine; I always hated to write. Don’t get me wrong; I love words and the sentences they form, I love how the succession of those form books and become literature or poetry. I love journalistic pieces and opinions too. But I’ve always been a bit jealous about people who could write, people who make a point in just some well structured sentences. It’s something I can’t. At least that’s what I kept telling myself. But I think I just don’t got it right.

Writing is a process and writing should be a habit. You grow in it. Well, my new years resolution is simple. I’ll write 3 blog posts a week, starting now.

I recently blogged on the tremendously intense StartupBus Europe experience while I was on the bus and also in retrospective (in Dutch).

You will find out that this blog has a new-found focus: identity. I’ll come back on this in a separate post.

I will also try to include more personal stuff. I’ve done it this way for a couple of years via twitter and I tend to like it as such.

Hope you read me. And… Hpp Nw Yr!