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Hyperpersonalised pills platform.

hyperpersonalised drugs

With extreme personalised diagnostics and the current evolutions in e-health, I thought generic drugs don’t make much sense anymore. Or you get to much of a certain substance, or too little. Or it is combined with something someone is allergic too.

My idea is to create a platform in which doctors can create hyperpersonalised pills for patients based solely on the substances the patient needs. The platform offers statistics on the dosages used for treatments so a benchmark is set and can be compared. By making the data anonymous but not the doktors, responsibility is with a new breed of doktors/scientists who perfect drugs to the patient conditions. For fun’s sake, patients can choose the color of the pills.


Ailurl, give e-mail wings.

ailurl - give email wings.

Ailurl solves e-mail clutter. Ailurl is a technique in that indexes e-mail and creates a unique ailurl per e-mail that you can use to refer to. It can be used privately and publicly. You can use an ailurl in individual mails or as public links to e-mail messages. You can bundle ailurls to labels or create custom list of ailurl’s so you can organise your conversations better.

When e-mails are send to teams, you get diffused answers. It happens so many times that one refers to another mail that was send. It just needs a better organisation. Ailurl works with piles where you can direct your messages to.  If the world would start using ailurl, we will not waste time using e-mail but make it more efficient. E-mail is not something of the past.

Open up e-mail. Go public. Give e-mail wings. Make your mailbox swing. With Ailurl, your email indexed.

The business model: Sell to Google.

What if the Railways were run as a public/private club? #oipd

Train future

I have to admit I’m a real fan of traveling by train to work and back. I’m a forenzer who enjoys those 45 minutes to prepare some work, enjoy the Metro newspaper, catch up on my social media streams, watch people and make up stories around them or simply write this blogpost. Two days ago I took a new 1 year subscription and I was wondering why it did cost me so much. The service is quite often ok but not tremendous. Every now and than, I prefer going by car and not by train because of tight scheduled meetings in several cities. And I take holidays… I also believe i get my tickets inspected only around 30% of my rides.

What if the railways were run as a public/private club?

For the public part of service, everybody could come and get a transport ticket (not a guaranteed seat!) and take the train immediately to the destination of their choice.  The private part however is the subscription formula in which people pay a membership fee for using the services the railways offer (wifi, workspace, waiting rooms indoor, daily coffee …) In return the members of the Railways can reserve a guaranteed seat of the train of their likes and get the invoice of at the end of the month.

Although there are a lot of points to consider in this railway experience innovation, technology and infrastructure are the two main areas to invest in.

For instance; You can work with small screens in the seats or ceilings pointing out a seat is taken by mr(s) x or not at all. A small sensor in the seat notices whether a seat is taken and can be billed. The build-in mechanisme triggers a message to the member asking whether he has missed his train and would like to reserve a seat on the next one. Being a Railways member guarantees you your favorite spot at the bar while you can drink as much or as little as you like in benefitting from the extra services.

I would believe this is the vision Belgian Public Railways (@nmbs) and its new boss, Jo Cornu should aim for.
And I believe @kodel could help them with that!

Buskers Delight. #oipd

Co-creation in musicThe idea is virtual co-creation in music making: Chat Roulette publishing of music for a hypothetical audience.

Buskers Delight offers a platform where composers and musicians can meet and jam with each other. The platform records the remote recording sessions and publishes it live via streaming. People can tune in the streams and follow, comment, listen and enjoy genuine jam sessions. The musicians and composers stay in charge of their production rights.

The idea came in Paris when I saw buskers meeting who were really good musicians individually but the real magic happened when they started jamming together.

This concept is about the facilitation of music by music creators for real music lovers. Something you would really love to do, right (Bart Becks)? 😉

Some personal innovation irritation.

This might sound a bit harsh and perhaps I shouldn’t write this down as I’m still trying to find (financial) support for our project and cause but on the other hand, why not…

Governmental innovation supporting instances lack vision and understanding of what true innovation is. Innovation is rather hard and difficult to evaluate. I don’t get their metrics as they don’t get my concept. From experience I can already ask, without knowing these people very well, nor personally, nor professionally, do they have clue?


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J’accuse (bis)

When I saw Fabian Tilmant‘s tweet this morning in which he regretted not being selected to go on a 10-day innovation trip in the USA and I hadn’t received any news yet, my hopes were up. After checking the website of EYIF, all hopes vanished immediately. They had already selected 10, I presume, very happy people. At that moment, I felt a bit sorry for the organizer not having the courtesy to have informed me in person. It’s not that I had just applied by leaving a name and number, no, I’ve spend a couple of hours on thinking how we could close the Innovation gap in Europa. The way they communicated, or the lack thereof disturbed me. But so be it.

I had a look at the names of the winning participants and one looked very familiar. I double checked and indeed, it was one of the co-founders of the EYIF I’ve come across over the weekend when researching what the EYIF was. I was surprised that a member of the EYIF could win a place in the InnotourUSA 2012… Apparently I wasn’t the only one with that feelingContinue reading “J’accuse (bis)”

Innovation for the people, by the people.

>>> For the EYIF people: Download this post as PDF. <<<

I will be talking in favor of the democratization, and thus lowering the threshold, to participate in innovation to close the innovation gap. I am a strong believer of people who take responsibility and a government who facilitates a context in which ‘things’ are happening.

Innovation is the successful commercial exploitation of new ideas. I always thought that innovation was doing things differently, and better. Innovation comes from simple ideas and great executions, accidental or planned. It creates endless opportunities when ‘new’ becomes ‘normal’ but mostly we don’t have to be that revolutionary. It’s a given that a poor strategy greatly executed is worth so much more than a great strategy poorly executed. Everybody has potentially innovative ideas. I believe they are omnipresent. But I believe even more that realizing ideas makes the real difference. It shouldn’t however be as tough as it is today to get to that point. I hereby suggest 3 practical things the EYIF and the European Union could organize that would actually make a difference. Continue reading “Innovation for the people, by the people.”