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Zin.in iets // Idlike.to something

What to do next?

2 url’s, 1 idea. One in Dutch, one in English. It’s some kind of (bullshit) generator of what you could potentially do. It acts as an inspiration trigger to actually do something when you’re bored. You can make a clear choice based on categories or sentiment, such as outside event or music or happy or … Why not sex?

Simple to market. Easy one off scoring opportunity.


Help at least one person a day.


This has been a very interesting day for me. I had insights on myself, who i am, what drives me, what makes my life worthy. My advice is one I practice every day. Try to ¬†help at least one person a day. It’ll come back when you need it most. Share and talk to a lot of people. Sharing is caring.

Thank you, Tom, Kenneth, Eric, Sheila, Heidi, Luka, Annick.

People move me. Big time.

I have no longer a team I direct. It’s a weird feeling. I’ve had been in charge of some people before but never I had expected it would crawl under my skin. Building an offshore business wasn’t easy. I worked day and night, I stood up with it and went to bed with it. And often did I think of them and what they did and who they were. I also wanted to get under their skin. And I wanted to make them better in what they really wanted to achieve. I grew the team within a year from 2 to 9 people in a healthy pace. Not all my hires were equally successful but most of them were at least good enough and always offered perspective in some way.

I left the team for holidays almost 8 months ago and – much against my own advice – I never got back in charge of the team. I’ve send them a quick but meaningful and motivational “So Long, Suckers!” speech e-mail which I know they appreciated.

Two of my favorite hires, one because of potential, the other because of talent just left the company one week from each other recently. And I got a little goodbye e-mail which moved me tremendously. I never saw myself as a boss but I tried to be the best boss for each and everyone in the team. Now I know for sure it was the right thing to do:

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FOSDEM inspired me.

I attended FOSDEM, the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.

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