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Notification scrambler app.

push notification scrambling app

Sometimes you see to much on your phone what you don’t want the people around you to see. For text messages on iphone it’s possible to amend that but for most apps, you don’t control it. The notification scrambling app enables you to define whether you want to see the type of message, the sender and/or not the contents.


International disconnection day.

live offline

We went for some quality time to Antwerp last weekend. I went in a shop to get my iphone repaired but was too late to collect it back. (btw what F!@#ing shop closes at 4pm on Saturday!) By consequence I was disconnected for almost 48hours. And Sofie didn’t pack her charger.

Normally I do follow everything pretty closely but i felt really relaxed without my phone. I even had to stop people to ask what time it was. We took the time to read a magazine in a coffee bar, made walks wondering we could live in Antwerp or not. Not only can I recommend the Antwerp Nord District, I can recommend to take a disconnection day.

Why won’t we all just do this? 🙂

life is best lived offline