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App controlled coffee machine.

app controlled coffee machine


Control the whole coffee machine with a simple smartphone app, whether you want an espresso, a latte or fine grained beans.

Better Mornings coffee machine.

David Lynch quote on coffee

That feeling in the morning when you put on the coffee machine but it lacks beans so you first have to fill it up again. Or the water container needs a refill. Or just then, you have to empty the dripping coffee drops tank. It happens to everyone. These are things I don’t mind doing after having enjoyed some espresso’s, whether it is morning, afternoon or evening but only then.

The Better Mornings espresso machine gives you insight. It’s learning as you use the machine and it hints you when you can do best what, in counts of cups of coffee to optimize your morning ritual. How difficult can it be to add a simple display telling you in how many cups time you have to perform one of the actions you just don’t want to do in the morning?

Autowave: the automatic microwave.

Autowave: the automatic microwave

Today, I only checked my twitter account once and this was the tweet I saw that gave me this idea. So thanks, Annick!

The automatic microwave is a microwave oven that scans and decides what needs to happen with its content. Whether it’s a cup of hot water or a bowl of soup, uncooked potatoes or a lamb shoulder, it exactly knows what to do with it, for how long, and the result is that it comes out perfectly hot, cooked or defrosted.

All ofcourse automatically, you don’t need to push a button for that. Also when you’re in front of the autowave, it doesn’t beep.

1 second beep microwave


Soup flavours

Royco Minute Soup from a tiny machine with the water temperature just perfect and pads with all kind of soup flavours. The model works. Perfect for the workplace and even for home. I would buy it. And I would try out all soup tastes…

Maintenance & Repair Service for connected, mechanical goods. #oipd

Connected Maintenance & Repair Service
Connected Maintenance & Repair Service

Every machine needs maintenance and spare parts from time to time. If your machine would be connected and spare parts are automatically send to you with instructions when a part is well-worn and should be replaced, how easy would that be?

The idea sprout today when I went for my car’s maintenance. With cars it’s easy. They know exactly how long you can drive before you need to replace your oil, timing belt,  wheels and even lights or cables. The people in the garage workshop just link a computer to your car and that tells them everything what needs to happen.

For example; A lightbulb at the end of its lifetime? Replace it before it breaks. Not only this would make a great service. The perceived brand value is much higher as the machine seems unbreakable.

It’s applicable on all mechanical goods. The business model would includes sending out technicians who do precautions maintenance with express service when a (part of a) machine unexpectedly breaks down.