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Appreciation and things to think about.

It has been one of those days. You certainly have them too. You came back from holidays. You’re happy that the world kept turning and all of a sudden, small things go wrong, they don’t look like small things any more and all of a sudden, you think: What? How did that happen? When? Why? What the … should I do? And why the … do I need to fix this?!

I tweeted the simple question without any context: “What should I do?” and three people returned great answers: Continue reading “Appreciation and things to think about.”


“Life is like a tale, told by an idiot.”

There is a great program on Eén, the Flemish public broadcasting channel. It’s called ‘God en klein pierke’ (translated it means god and the little worm) in which Martin Heylen, one of the best and experienced Belgian documentary filmmakers and our local Louis Theroux, gets to follow a famous Belgian. Yesterday’s broadcast was about Arno. He is one of the Gods, musically in the whole French speaking part of the world. They followed him during the last weeks of his two year ‘Brusseld’ tour in Ostend, a gig in Leffinge Leuren and some more gigs in Canada. In my family, we admire him for his musical passion and rock ‘n roll lifestyle. Just two years ago, I gave everyone in the family tickets to go and see Arno in his town of birth, Ostend. It was a great concert!

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