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teXTteXTer.com: a messaging aggregation service

texting texts

teXTteXTer.com or texting text is an idea to create one text service. You connect your texting services such as SMS, Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype, etc. and receive all in one. You can respond to any of those received texts with the same or a cheaper alternative if you’re connected elsewhere.


Givemeyourmoneyandhoney.com: feel good messages & donations. #oipd

donate hope love through messages

Just because it’s a silly idea doesn’t mean it’s a bad one… for me. It could be the next one million pixels project!

On givemeyourmoney.com, you can donate your money (to me or your charity of choice) while spreading a message of hope, love, empathy, … and sharing it with the world.