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The one idea per day calendar

Druivelaar digitaal one idea per day

The one idea per day calendar has the 335 best ideas of last year’s edition and 30 empty sheets for next edition. #eenideeperdag


One idea per day. Ten in a row. #oipd

10 one ideas per day in a row
After my streak of 39 ideas on eenideeperdag.be, this is small bread but nevertheless a good start. Perhaps I should get a badge or something…

Feel free to take any idea and build a business out of it. Let me know if you’re taking up something or has found people who are already doing something similar in the comments.

  1. Is it fruitorvegetable.com? 
  2. Branded boxes for e-commerce
  3. Airbnb for freelancers and business people locations
  4. Glow in the dark pain for objects in traffic
  5. Foodprov.com, hard-to-find ingredients for chefs
  6. The call you later app
  7. The who sits next to me discovery app
  8. StartupTravelers community
  9. Mibike.com, a stolen bike service app and community
  10. 3D printing templates community

I hope you enjoyed the ideas!

One idea a day: a free source of business ideas and inspiration.

Flanders DC empowered people to add one idea per day on a designated site for it. I loved the concept so much that I participated (two years in a row) in it. Most of the time, i had an idea popping up during the day, that i quickly wrote out and published on their site. As the website is in the process of being brought down, I decided to take my ideas and republish them on this blog and perhaps adding one from time to time in a newly created category.  I also tagged them with ‘oipd’. You might say this is today’s idea of the day.

They are now published here as I published them on the #eenideeperdag website (from April 15 till May 22nd)

If you are curious what the idea is about in English, Google Translate to the rescue. If you don’t understand much or feel that Google Translate isn’t working, you can always suggest in a comment that I should translate a particluar idea quick and dirty 🙂