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Hyperpersonalised pills platform.

hyperpersonalised drugs

With extreme personalised diagnostics and the current evolutions in e-health, I thought generic drugs don’t make much sense anymore. Or you get to much of a certain substance, or too little. Or it is combined with something someone is allergic too.

My idea is to create a platform in which doctors can create hyperpersonalised pills for patients based solely on the substances the patient needs. The platform offers statistics on the dosages used for treatments so a benchmark is set and can be compared. By making the data anonymous but not the doktors, responsibility is with a new breed of doktors/scientists who perfect drugs to the patient conditions. For fun’s sake, patients can choose the color of the pills.


Ringading: 3d jewellery e-shop. #oipd

3D ring bracelet

  1. Measure your finger or arm size,
  2. choose your model (ring/bracelet) and optional engraving text.
  3. and get it printed delivered onto your doorstep.

Easy does it for today.

Bikers Shock: a custom backpack with shock absorbing characteristics and more. #oipd

The idea is to create hardtop cases, in the same material as motor helmets but with the possibility to put together a custom protective lay-out for your digital and other equipment for within the rucksack. It is to be compared to the shock absorbing materials used right now like the one below (for protecting lenses)

shock absorbing material example

On the website of bikers shock, one can drag and drop his own items, whether it is a macbook 11″ and a sketchbook or an ipad and a pen or a full video camera set, onto the size of his/her rucksack of preference.

bikers shock backpack


“Bikers shock rucksack” could be a business innovation for helmet builders and designers or packaging manufacturers in a B2C market but also in the flight case (B2B) business, I see opportunities for something like this.

custom flight case for a guitar