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OEM in-flight entertainment systems


I still don’t understand why in-flight entertainment systems are still so very rubbish. They look like they’ve made in the nineties. The touchscreen doesn’t work nearly as tactile as we are used to nowadays, the games copyright ranged from 2002-2009, so why bother? And for a media server… well, that does it pretty well but the whole system as such is pretty slow.

So what do I expect? That it works like our phones, tablets and computers. That we have a media entertainment center at our fingertips that we can also use to research we’re going to. Multitasking, switching between the different things I want to do: Music, movies, TV, learning opportunities, tourism guides and planners, some games for the kids. I’m not even talking full internet connection. Yet. 🙂 It should be possible to link the devices with your smartphone or tablet so the information is not lost.

How hard can it be to put in a decent tablet in any airplane chair (so I can take it on my lap), have a server streaming and update all apps in one push when in airports? It’s been on my reserve list for my One Idea Per Day project, but it’s so very necessary so here it is.

Create a small OEM ecosystem for in-flight systems that can be reused in cars and busses.


PBTS: Premium Business Taxi Service.

premium business taxi service

A premium taxi service by moto, car, helicopter, plane that connects business centers such as Brussel with London, Paris, Amsterdam,… It had been on my idea list for quite some time but only today i read in a newspaper that a company is willing to launch a helicopter service between Knokke and London. I also read somewhere else recently that there is a aviation charter service between LA, San Francisco and another town in the VS. Well combine all these minimal products in a end-to-end solution whereby business men can use this premium taxi service to get anywhere in a business center in the shortest amount of time possible. The special moto is a vital aspect in this business concept as the last few miles always proves the most time consuming ones (cfr. business case Bubble Post).

You have a premium subscription fee to be able to use the service and a lower usage fee depending on the transport means used.