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Spotify’s Emoqual plugin & app.

sports and music

A plugin for Spotify that enable you to label music with emotions and sentiments of how you perceive them. While doing so, it gets to learn what you love/hate, what makes you relax/productive, etc Qualify your music with emotions. What excites, what makes you calm down?

The Emoqual app uses this information to make you progress faster in any training program through the power of music. The training program pushes you forward but adapts both the music and program on the fly based on your specific situation and heartbeat. This can be used for all kinds of sports, but athletics, running and cycling seem the most obvious to me.


Manual Heaven + Vault.

messy manuals

I was thinking about the wayback machine and then the manual idea popped up again. After writing this post, i remembered. Check it here…

How many manuals can one collect? Every year or so I look at those three cabinets on my closet, go through all the manuals in it and throw away those I don’t need anymore.

Why isn’t there a giant database of manuals where I can pick and choose from all the manuals in the world the ones I have in my house? Sometimes I can’t find the manual online anymore… I want to be able to add a manual with purchasing date to my personal account. In a perfect world, it would be the guarantee stamp. Whenever something breaks, I have my manual with me in just a couple of clicks. Also I could get in touch with the support desk of these companies, when under guarantee, to have it fixed. The advantage for them would be that they could update their manuals in real time. There is also an app, so i can access the manual on my phone or tablet. Easy as that.

Event based digital wallets. #oipd

the personal digital wallet for events

The idea is to have some kind of replacement for beer cards, drink coupons, etc. at events. A temporary digital wallet for any event persona in which they can buy coupons for the event itself.
At exchange points, these persona’s get offered new tastes, sometimes based on their preferences, mostly based on their profile and sponsor arrangements the event has.

Event based digital wallets gives the organisers a better understanding of their public. Seeing who lets money roll, what their personal interest is, while providing real time statistics that could even influence a dj’s setlist provides sales optimisation opportunities in live situations unseen before. They organisers could even anticipate and experiment with situations where sales promo’s of sponsors are being in order to up- and cross-sell. Why else would Unilever ever sponsor an event? 🙂