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Remote Office Robot

office robot

The remote office robot is a simple robotic WIFI connected vehicle with an arm that contains two screens and something to push the elevator button. The goal of the remote office robot is to run around the office and connect remote workers that can steer it with people in the office.

Remote controlled and electric-powered baby stroller. #oipd

electric-powered mountain buggy When going uphill, a stroller or buggy can be really heavy. We’re currently in Brittany and some streets (such as Rue Longue in Morlaix) are really steep…

So I was thinking about giving the stroller some additional electric power when pushing it uphill or when there is just a lot of wind. Also it would be nice, as mentioned by Tom Van Der Biest, that a remote control would also be very nice. What I think would be especially useful is that the stroller is traffic aware and runs automatically in front of me taking up the traffic in front and behind me. When I speed up my tempo, the stroller goes quicker. When I change course, the stroller adjust his. I could even go jogging with my stroller without any problems. I believe our Mountain Buggy is a perfect fit to be altered to this solution because it’s perfect for almost any terrain I have come across in the recent years.