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I was a first-timer at Drupalcon.

DrupalCon Prague

I attended Drupalcon Prague last week. What a great experience it was!

I attend the CxO Event where I met people from all sizes of companies and while topics were crowdsourced (good idea!), the quality of the discussions was really dependent on some of participants in a group. Anyway, I had some input on what the main problem of most companies is; finding people that deliver quality Drupal work. The Drupal community might have been thriving the product to a more complex ecosystem. As we all know the more complex, the more crappy something becomes and how impossible it almost becomes to keep it maintainable and innovative …

As I could also attend the Acquia Partner Day, i left the CxO event and took a seat to have a look into the future of Drupal and Acquia’s products and services. I was mainly impressed by Peter Guagenti (VP Products) presentation about the ‘could site factory’ platform (DrupalGardens v2) and the speech of Tom Erickson (CEO) who surprised everyone by stating Acquia hasn’t been the best partner but that they know and working on it. Acquia has some interesting stuff coming up and even more strategic initiatives that should really so I tend to believe him.

As I was there to do some business, I did two keynotes (Dries Buytaert & Aral Balkan) and only attended a few sessions.
What stroke me is that Dries’ presentation was pretty pixel perfect from a communication-technical point-of-view but that he seemed a bit distracted and not very convincing. It might have gotten something to do with his grandmother passing away (My sincerest condoleances, Dries!). What I remember from his presentation is that he was really diplomatic about the backdrop issue and the forking of Drupal in general in relation to Drupal 8.
Aral was, as always, a great evangelist of ux design for a free world. Funny, to-the-point and great to watch presenting his beliefs!
There is one particular session I want to give a special mention. The session of Sylvain Moreau about Universal Media Assets Management in Drupal with the Scald module was very interesting indeed. When I evaluated the scald module in february, I quickly fell in love with the ideas but was very disappointed about the execution. Now, in september, they evolved it to the what’s probably the best asset module for Drupal’s future. We will probably use it now in our Paddle distribution for kanooh.
For the rest, I had great in-depth meetings with Commerce Guys and Acquia to start and strenghten our partnerships. The future is bright for ONE Agency.

I also got to meet up with some fabulous dev, design and business people i got lost in touch with for several years, and others I only knew from twitter, so I can safely say; Drupalcon, you were great! Thank you!