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SweetWalls: get candy out of the wall.

Candy machines

Two friends of mine¬†started a business ‘Zoet‘, an e-commerce venture in candy with a physical shop. It’s their dream as they both adore sweets and have good teeth ūüôā

When I was younger, sweets were offered everywhere in those red candy machines at the exits of supermarkets, in shopping areas and other public places. When I was behaving really well, I could sometimes convince my parents to give me a dime and buy candy or a little, worthless present that they also held.

Today with so many people addicted to sugar, I want to jump right in and establish a chain of walls with high quality sweets pretty much everywhere. I believe that for each fitness a country counts, a sweet tooth wall makes sense. Compare it with croquettes walls in the Netherlands. With some retro branding and the accompanying smell of sweets, this will prove a hit again.


E-commerce window stores.

W-commerce window stores

This idea is a very viable one. The business model is to invest in brick shops in both main shopping streets and upcoming districts and fill them with goods from e-commerce stores. The goal is to create a physical presence for small-knows e-shops, create exchange points to touch, feel and see goods. Online a portal site with these trusted e-shops will be made. It increases the trust in buying online due to the trusted certificate online and physical presence offline.

The money comes from monthly fees these e-shops pay to have a presence on the portal and in these brick and mortar shops. I actually thought about it when I was thinking about the pivoting options for ZOYOKO. But the upfront investment is way too big for me.

Fruit Fast Food.

Fruit fast food

I don’t eat fruits often. But I would if I could just get it in bitesize pieces, fresh and tasty. My idea today is a Fruit Fast Food chain, located near train stations, shopping areas, … With seasonal fruits and vegetables offered in menu’s or plain simple, the concept is easy to realize. An extra service would be that you can order your fruit and vegetables for home too. You get one menu on the go, you take the rest home. Fruit food is always underrated, until you eat it.

Where I work, i have the choice between a dozen of sandwich bars, real restaurants and shitty fast food. I would not go there daily, but if I could get hinted more often, I would definitely enter and get fresh fruit and vegetables for home.