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National color monday.

national color monday

I am always amazed how many people wear black. It’s a depressing sight so I would vouch for this idea of a national color monday in which people are forbidden to come outside if they wear black. I choose a monday become it’s the most depressing day of the week by default and it is always awesome to see people wearing colorful clothes. It makes me happy when I see a couple of women walking past in bright outfits. I’m sure the same goes up for women who see men like that. Think of it as carnaval but without the costumes. Let’s make it happen!

The crown jewel of FMCG: the bag of chips. #oipd

Pop the bag (Wall Street Journal)

One of the all time great FMCG designs is without a doubt the crisps bag. It’s amazing how good the design of a bag chips became over the years. Not only is it functional (freshness of the chips), it triggers almost all of the senses.

  • Sight: I don’t have to explain this. The graphic designs on bags of chips are among the most colorful and squeakerish. If there was a price for most colorful corridor in shops, the one with bags of chips would win it.
  • Hearing: The opening with a little ‘plop’, the crisping of the bag are just the prequels to the moulding in your mouth. Everyone has some kind of good memories to chips. Mine was that my dad bought me a little bag of pickles chips after swimming on sunday mornings.
    There are, at least, if not more, people who hate the sound of chips. But that’s only when someone else is making the typical bag of chips sounds. I believe it triggers the nerves in the brain that provoke jealousy. “It’s all fine, expect when I’m not enjoying them…” In a cinema for instance.
  • Touch: The biggest progress has been made over the last few years in this area. It’s not only on how a bag looks like but also how he feels like when touched. It’s touching a bag that makes you decide whether you buy it. Do you prefer a silk touch, or the plasticy one. I believe structure prints made out of adaptive, sensitive materials could be the last thing that improve the touch experience.
  • Smell: I don’t think the bag of chips can do more other than to keep the scent and aroma of the chips in the bag.
  • Taste: Why can we only eat the contents of a chips bag, and not the chips bag itself? There must be a way, right? If I was sent a Belgian newspaper to put in the oven and eat it…

Where Lays innovates on the traditional bags of chips, Pringles decided to revolutionize the way chips are packed. For their chips roll packs, there is certainly more innovation growth potential.

Market Corridor full of chips