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Translator mediator app.


Today, I had a pretty nice encounter with two Portuguese sales girls of the Phone House. They didn’t understand me at all. I just wanted a data sim card so I could post a one idea a day. But they wanted to sell me a mifi, a bundle and a sim card. The language barrier made me laugh more than once but I also spend almost halve a hour there.
The Translator Mediator app connects you instantly with professional translators so any question for information and sales answers are quickly understood. After you have called upon the translator mediator service, you receive a full transcript of the original conversation, together with an invoice based on the characters used.


Holidaysim.com #oipd

holidaysim.comWhen on holidays, roaming cost are getting under control but are still very unpredictable. Last time in Paris, I used more than 50MB in just 1.5 days… So holidaysim.com is my answer to that.

When you didn’t have time to do some proper research about the area you’re in, or you want keep base with friends and family, be online on your online communication channels or secretly follow up work issues.

Holidaysim.com is a site where you get advice on what foreign sim is best for your short/long stays abroad. Coverage of networks, costs involved with voice, text and data are nicely compared. When ordering it through the website, it gets delivered the next day at your holiday address.